The Davidson Group

The Davidson Group is a branch of Service First Mortgage that is led by Linda Davidson, who has more than 20 years of personal experience in the finance industry. Linda has tons of expertise when it comes to handling the loan process, even in extremely difficult cases. One thing that The Davidson Group works very hard on is working closely with each client to find the right “fit.”

Different clients have different needs, goals and desires, and it is up to the loan officer involved to make sure that they are all met. That’s one way that The Davidson Group goes above and beyond what is expected from some of the competition.

We have experts in a variety of different specialty mortgages that will be able to handle anything that comes their way, such as FHA, VA and Conventional mortgages. Our experts have also worked with Rural Housing/USDA and Texas Veteran mortgages. So whatever you need in your specific situation, we have a loan officer in The Davidson Group who has a high level of knowledge that is ready to be applied to your case.

Service First Mortgage is known for its passion, professionalism and personal service.  The Davidson Group is a small, closely-knit group of mortgage professionals within the Service First Mortgage family. The Davidson Group puts a lot of energy into every single client as Service First Mortgage values customer service and satisfaction. Service First Mortgage treats every single customer with the respect that they deserve, and The Davidson Group can give the individual attention that they need in order to give the highest level of service. Our level of communication will be unparalleled, even after closing. The Davidson Group will follow up annually to make sure that the mortgage is still in the best interest of the buyer in both the long term and short term. When you work with Service First Mortgage, you will know that you are not only going to be taken care of now, but also in the future.

The Davidson Group, a branch of Service First Mortgage, also places a great deal of importance on integrity, ethics and an ongoing commitment to excellence. We know that not only is a happy customer a repeat customer, but they are also a great form of advertising through word of mouth. We want our customers to be so thrilled with our service that they recommend us to all of their friends and family.